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Saturday, March 29, 2008


Jessy, over at Baking Blondie has tagged me to do "Five Things You Don't Know About Me." She has a great blog--you should check it out!

Five Things:

1) I used to have dark purple and hot pink hair. Really! My mom hated it, hehe.

2) I'm 6 months older than my husband. And if any of you remind me of that, ever--you're toast. hehe.

3) I'm afraid of tubes of bread dough. When I was a kid, I was at the store with my aunt and cousins, and my cousin grabbed a tube and banged it on the side of the display case (remember in the old commercials, the Pillsbury Dough Boy used to pop out of the tube?), and it must have been past it's expiration date, because BOOM! It exploded everywhere. hahaha!! Still scared, to this day...

4) One of our parakeets, Lucky, just showed up in our yard one day. It was in May, two years ago. It's still cool here in May, and we were out in the yard all day. He hung out in our yard the whole time--he was very friendly--he was going from the fence to the tree and then down in the grass, and telling us a huge story, hehe. At the end of the day, it was getting really cool and I didn't know if he'd make it through the night outside, so I got a stick and went up close to him, and he hopped on! I brought him inside, put him in a room, and my husband ran to the store to get a cage and other bird stuff, after lots of begging by the kids. We still have him, and he's got a friend now, too. ;)

5) I met the most wonderful group of friends online--on a cooking site, of course! We've known each other for over five years now, and have all gotten together several times--not all together at once yet, but in different groups. We still haven't worked out a way to schedule a get together for every single one of us at one time. They're like sisters to me, and I thank God every day that we all came together at the same time, in the same place. We've been through a lot together.

So there you go, five more things you didn't know about me!

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Pixie said...

Thanks for sharing Elle. My sister has a cat called Lucky, for similar reasons! Not sure you would want to keep a cat and a parakeet together in the same room though.

Elle said...

Pixie--we do! We have 2 cats, which we had before the birds, hehe. Makes life interesting! We have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 birds, and just recently, 2 fish. We're like Noah's Ark!

ginny said...

And 2 boys, 2

Elle, we love you, too!!! And we want to see pic's of your hair 'back in the day'! LOL


Elle said...

Ginny--I don't think there are any pics of me with my hair like that! Unless a friend or other family member has any--my mom HATED it, so she didn't really want to document it. hahaha! And I had to get rid of it before senior pictures. sigh.

Jessy and her dog Winnie said...

Coolness!! Purple and pink hair!!!

canarygirl said...

Heee! I didn't know that you were askeert of bread tubes! LMFAO! No wonder you make such awesome homemade loaves. ;)

Elle said...

cg--I am! And my kids, who don't yet appreciate the value of homemade bread, still like the cinnamon rolls in the tubes. I freely admit, I'll have one or two, as well. But when we have them,, i gather the kids around to open them. if one explodes, it'll go all over them, not me. hahaha!!!

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