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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies

One of my best friends, Jen, gave me this recipe the other day. She said they were better than my extra special chocolate chip cookies. Huh? Say what? The hell you say! I figured I'd give them a whirl. Jen's a great baker, so she must know something that I don't, hehe.

She was right. They are better! I admit it. Oh well, I'll feel bad about it later. Maybe. If I do feel badly, I can always cheer myself up with more of these cookies, right?

Not surprisingly, the recipe calls for all purpose flour. Since I'm trying to sneak more whole grain goodness to my kids, I figured I'd be brave and go for broke. I didn't use part white and part whole wheat. Nope. I used ALL whole wheat flour. (I know, you're thinking, "Elle! You wild woman, slow down there!") Well, more specifically, King Arthur Flour White Whole Wheat Flour. This stuff is great! Here's what KAF has to say about the flour:

WHY WE LOVE IT: Unless you love the somewhat assertive flavor of traditional whole wheat, we strongly urge you to use this white whole wheat—or our organic white whole wheat—for your whole-grain baking. Lighter colored, milder tasting, and a somewhat finer grind, it acts much more like white flour in baking. We routinely substitute white wheat for 100% of the all-purpose flour in cookie, muffin, brownie, pancake, and other recipes where the difference won’t be noticeable. Like, don’t make an angel food cake with it; but gingerbread? Chocolate chip cookies? Cinnamon muffins? Go for it!


Right out of the oven, the cookies tasted sort of "wheaty." But as they cooled, the wheat flavor faded, and by the next day, they tasted like they were made with regular white flour. We love them. I increased the salt to 1 tsp. Oh, the recipe only makes 18 cookies--I wanted more, so made them smaller, about the size of a walnut, and got about 32. They still took more time to bake, but again, the oven is only at 325°. Mine baked for about 15 or so minutes. And since it's a small amount of dough, I think 1 1/2 cups may be too many chocolate chips. Wait...did I really just say too much chocolate? God help me, I think I did. I think one cup would be plenty in these, but that's up to you to decide.

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Jen said...

I am so glad that you made them and liked them. You know how much I LOVE your chocolate chip cookies and it was hard to tell you these were better.;)

I will have to order some of that flour you are pimping. Ya know we all need to eat healthier.
The pictures are amazing, you did a great job! MUAC!

Elle said...

It's so funny, Jen! Of course I knew my cookies weren't the best ever, but the best I'd tried. I was very open to trying new ones, and what a great choice--these really are delicious!

Thank YOU!

canarygirl said...

OMG. I think, NO, I *know* I want to marry you. And your cookies. You know I'm cookie-challenged, but I may just have to bite the bullet and make some of these. They look phenomenal! MUAC!

Deborah said...

I really need to get me some of that flour, because these cookies look amazing, and healthier to boot?? Can't beat it!

Katy said...

Wow! Whole wheat flour in cookies -- I substitute all the time in bread, but I'm wary for desserts. Those look great though! PS -- There is no such thing as a chocolate chip cookie with too much chocolate. Ever. Impossible. :-)

Elle said...

CG--I'll make the cookies, you make...everything else. hahaha!

Deborah--I'm pleasantly surprised with the flour. Like I said, they were definitely wheaty tasting the first night, but the next day, I was in love...i can't wait to try these brownies next:

Katy--you may be right about there not being too much chocolate. I'm still shocked that words came out of my mouth! :)

Jen said...

TOO MUCH CHOCOLATE!!! Bite your tongue woman.:))

Kevin said...

Those chocolate chip cookies look good. I like trying to sneak whole wheat flour into recipes.

Elle said...

Thanks, Kevin! It sure makes it easier to sneak whole wheat flour into recipes with this flour. I'm going to go nuts doing it now! :)

Lori said...

I'm glad to hear it turned out using all whole wheat in the recipe. They look great!

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