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Monday, February 25, 2008

Hampton Beach, NH

Hampton Beach is one of our favorite places to go. My first date with my husband, 19 years ago (!) was at Hampton Beach. It was March, so there was still snow on the ground, but it was still sweet and romantic. We had to snuggle to stay warm, after all. It was either snuggle, or get frostbite.

Fast forward 19 years, and we have 4 kids that also love the beach. We went this past Saturday, a) to get out of the house, and b) to go to the arcades and have some good old beachy fun. Not ON the beach, but a few feet from it. We went to Joe's Playland, (which is in Salisbury Beach, MA, right over the border) an arcade that's been there since I was a kid! Luckily, it's all updated, and it's really nice inside. We spent way too much money on games, then had ice cream cones. After that, we took a drive through Hampton, and up the coast, then home, where we ordered pizza. It w
as a good day.

As we were driving through Hampton, we passed the stage that they use in the summer time for concerts. There was one guy on the stage, playing a saxophone, and a girl standing on the ground in front of the stage, just looking up at him and listening to him play. I said "Awwww how sweet! He's playing a song for his girl!" Then I made my husband go around the block (well, more like 5 blocks, because the beach is loaded with one-way side streets) so I could get a shot of it. And after all, isn't he the one who said I needed to use my camera more? So around we went, kids in the back of the truck thinking "Oh man, what are we doing now?" When we got back to the stage, I had my camera ready, my window down...and she was walking away! I almost yelled for her to get back where she was, because she was totally ruining the shot. Not to mention probably destroying her man's ego, hehehe.

Anyway, here they are:

"Just playing for my girl...wait, she's walking I that bad?"

"I love him, but does he really need to bring that sax everywhere we go? Can't we have a real date for once?"

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Jen said...

LMAO! I love your wording...I would have totally gone around the block too with the kids in the car.
Hampton Beach, Salisbury, spent many many memorable days and nights there.

Elle said...

Thanks, Jen! Remember the rides at Salisbury? I used to love those, but they're gone now.

Jen said...

I do remember them, the last time we were at Salisbury was in 2003, my sil stays at the State Park every summer. Such a great place! The memories!

canarygirl said...

Wow, the beach is so beautiful! That is funny about that couple. lol

Elle said...

CG, it's so pretty, even in the winter.

Samantha from Maine said...

My now husband and I got back together in Hampton Beach...It's a good place. :)

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